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As you take a drive through the picturesque landscapes of New England during the fall season, the bright, vibrant colors of the leaves change, the cool air breezes, and peaceful communities all come together to make an unforgettable experience. At Earth Centric Solar, we are proud to call this area our home and the focal point of our business operations.

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of building strong relationships with our customers. That's why our focus has always been on providing unparalleled customer service. Our team of experts takes pride in guiding you through the entire process, from initial consultation to installation. We make sure that we answer every question and address every concern to make your transition to solar energy seamless and enjoyable.

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A Brighter, Cleaner Future

But our commitment to our customers doesn't stop there. We pride ourselves on helping communities build brighter, cleaner futures. Solar energy is the future, and it's essential for us to continue to push it forward. We've been a part of the New England community for over a decade, and in that time, we've helped countless people like you leverage the financial and sustainable power of solar energy.

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Lower Energy Costs & Reduced Carbon Footprint

By harnessing the power of solar energy, you can start saving up to 60% on monthly energy bills. This reduction in energy costs can have a positive impact on your finances while reducing your carbon footprint. At Earth Centric Solar, we believe that everyone deserves access to clean energy, and it's why we're so passionate about what we do.

Why Solar?

Areas We Serve

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular solution in the New England area, with Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts embracing solar energy for its ecological and economic benefits. Earth Centric Solar is a trusted source of solar energy solutions throughout those three states, offering a sustainable energy option for commercial and residential customers.





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With Earth Centric Solar, these cities are able to access an efficient, cost-effective, renewable energy system that will help them meet the needs of their citizens while reducing their carbon footprint. By transitioning away from traditional, fossil fuel-dependent energy sources, these cities are making a conscious effort to invest in a more sustainable future.

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Commitment to Quality & Transparency

Our goal is to make sure that you start enjoying the benefits of solar energy as soon as possible. We are committed to a smooth installation process that ensures your solar panels are up and running within the predetermined timeline. At Earth Centric Solar, we take pride in using high-quality materials that guarantee maximum energy output. We also have a commitment to transparency, providing our customers with accurate information about the potential benefits of switching to solar energy.

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The Future is Bright with Earth Centric Solar

At Earth Centric Solar, we believe that solar energy is the way of the future. This is not only good for the planet, but it also brings local businesses access to clean, affordable energy. This reduces energy costs and allows businesses to reinvest more in their operations and workforce, positively impacting their respective local economies. Join us today to build a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come.

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Earth Centric Solar is proud to be playing a part in shaping the energy landscape in New England. By partnering with communities in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts to deliver solar energy solutions, we are helping to create a brighter, more sustainable future for the entire region. Contact us to get a quote on your solar project today.

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