As a region rich in revolutionary history, New England is known for embracing change. This is why the move to solar energy — with its infinite environmental and financial benefits — makes sense for households, businesses, and communities throughout the area. Earth Centric Solar is leading the solar revolution, bringing the bright promise of sustainable energy to those who seek it.

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Why Go Solar?

Going solar has never been easier or more affordable. With this renewable energy solution, you can enjoy substantial cost savings, increased reliability, and a positive environmental impact. Not to mention the numerous tax incentives available to you. Learn more from our team at Earth Centric Solar of Hanover, Massachusetts, below.

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Environmental Opportunities

Earth Centric Solar believes that no one should have to leave a legacy of pollution in the world. And with solar energy, that’s possible. Harnessing the natural power of the sun, solar eliminates the need for fossil fuels — and the release of harmful emissions associated with them. That means better air quality and a smaller carbon footprint for New England — something that is sure to benefit us all.

By going solar, you can help reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business. Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource and does not release pollutants into the atmosphere. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a healthier environment.

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Substantial Cost Savings

What’s more, residential and commercial customers in New England have the potential to enjoy sizable savings when switching to solar energy — ranging from anywhere between 10-60% depending on the specific location. And in the long-term, these returns add up to substantial savings on energy bills, making solar energy an excellent investment for those who choose it.

Switching to solar energy is a smart financial decision. With solar, you can save up to 30% on energy costs compared to traditional energy sources. Solar energy is also more predictable, meaning you can budget your energy costs more effectively.

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A Brighter Future

Earth Centric Solar brings a brighter future to New England – one where renewable energy is the norm, and the environment remains protected for generations to come. Thanks to solar, more residents and businesses in the area can enjoy a safe, green, and cost-effective energy solution that leaves a positive impact on their wallets and the planet.


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Tax Incentives

Going solar is a great way to save money, but it is also a great way to get money back. Federal and state governments offer incentives to encourage the adoption of renewable energy. These incentives can take many forms, such as tax credits, rebates, and more.

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Pledging Our Commitment

Our team at Earth Centric Solar is passionate about our commitment to clean energy. From the starting process to the installation and beyond, we’re eager to ensure that all customers have an exceptional experience with solar energy. It’s our mission to make sure that New Englanders have access to the technologies that will ensure a brighter tomorrow.


Earth Centric Solar is dedicated to creating a brighter future for New England and to providing customers with the best possible solar energy solutions. From the bottom up, we work to ensure that New Englanders have access to the clean, green, and cost-effective energy that’s needed for a sustained and healthy environment. With Earth Centric Solar, you can feel confident that you’re making the most of your sustainable energy solutions — and ultimately, creating a better world for everyone.

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